Monday, November 12, 2012

Tracking Cloud Adoption in Schools [Infographic]

Cloud in the classroom

Originally Posted by Corey Murray, EdTech Magazine

With the rise in mobile computing and increasingly crowded servers on campus, the question has always been when, not if, schools would eventually move to the cloud.

That inevitable migration so far has been fairly tentative, with administrators launching pilot projects and limited deployments, allowing teachers and students to dabble in the possibilities — and identify potential trouble spots — without making a full-on commitment.

But, if this latest infographic from the writers at Online Colleges is any indication, that commitment is coming — and soon. In two years, it is estimated that K–12 schools will allocate an average of 17 percent of their total IT budget to cloud-related services. Five years out, that projection jumps to 27 percent, and skyward from there.

Want to learn what makes the cloud so appealing? Check out the infographic below, which contains information about the trend toward cloud computing in K–12 and higher education. (Disclaimer: prices listed in this graphic subject to change.)

cloud classrooms 760 Tracking Cloud Adoption in Schools [Infographic]

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