Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Is The Best/Cost Effective E-learning Technology

E-learning technology has been evolving for quite some time now; it certainly has evolved through its slow but steady start. It is now growing in use and acceptance. The adaptation of e-learning in normal business training operations is increasing and more companies are experiencing the advantages of the technology.

An ideal e-learning technology should start with these three basic components – Learning Management System (LMS), Learning Content Management System (LCMS) and Talent Management System (TMS). LMS technology is designed to manage the learners: from determining what one needs to learn to perform in a particular position or task, to what the employee needs to learn next to be more competent. On the other hand, LCMS technology manages the learning content, which works on how to create content to be delivered on different platforms. Lastly, the TMS technology manages the workforce: from finding the right candidates to how much an employee should be compensated. The interplay of these technologies is the key to a working and efficient e-learning system.

The best e-learning technology is relative and varies in case-to-case basis. What works for company A may not work for company B, or vice versa. It is dependent on what goals have been established upon the implementation of the e-learning technology. It is equally important to consider the capability of a company and how much budget they can allocate in adopting a new kind of technology. Choosing and maintaining an e-learning system for a company falls heavily on the shoulders of the learning and development team. It demands a lot of skills and competencies as e-learning covers wide areas

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