Friday, December 23, 2011

Survey Says, People are Really into their iPads

According to a recent online survey done by Software Usability Research Laboratory, 83.65 percent of iPad users are satisfied with their tablet, with 62 percent rating user-friendliness as “excellent. No wonder Apple’s newest device has the top-selling tablet in the world for almost two years.

From the participants surveyed, there were more first generation iPad owners than there were iPad 2 owners. Fifty-two percent of participants said they only bring their iPad with them when they are traveling, while 21 percent bring it everywhere they go.

The percentage of users that hoard their precious tablet and those who share with at least one other person is almost split down the middle with 58 percent and 42 percent respectively.

On a daily basis, participants surveyed use the iPad to browse the web first and foremost with email reading close behind. According to this survey, people aren’t taking advantage of what amazing things Apple’s tablet has to offer.  Sixty-five to 85 percent of users said they never having created music, edited photos, chatted or taken pictures with their iPad.

Included with this survey were questions relating to participants preference for apps. The most like app was the Safari browser followed by Flipboard and Dropbox. When asked what apps they liked the least, respondents picked the iTunes app.
Users described the stock iTunes application as slow, complex, inferior to the desktop version, and lacking the ability to remove the application from the device.

Based on responses from a study done a year ago by the same company, Apple listens to its customers. In the previous survey, participants mentioned that the least liked feature of the first generation iPad was the lack of camery and multitasking ability. With the iPad 2, a camera was included and all iOS devices are now multitasking capable.


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