Monday, November 7, 2011

iPads Used for Special Needs Students in California [California County Uses iPads to Help Teach Special Students]

Apple has always campaigned for the iPad to be and education device as much as it is a media device. Since its inception, schools and other education institutions have purchased the tablet for its students and educators alike. And more and more educations apps have come out as time went by. Now, a county in California revealed that it’s been using the iPad to help special needs students learn better.

Some special needs students have difficulties talking, for example, and the iPad is used so they can communication. The schools are able to afford the slates thanks to grants from the Dedication to Special Education organization. But even if the iPads are quite pricey, the special needs educators are actually saving by opting to use it — Dynavox, a technology used for special students, cost $8,000, whereas the iPad is around $500 only.

The organization will purchase and distribute as much as 80 iPads to special schools this year, in hopes of helping more students who need it.

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