Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Maria Andersen: Where's the "Learn This" Button?

Learning needs to be more personalized. We all know this. But rarely does anyone describe a practical way actually to accomplish that goal. This presentation will delineate not only how we can (and will) do it, but will up the stakes, arguing that learning could be measured (gasp!) outside of educational institutions, with learners free to gobble up knowledge as they roam the Internet following their changing interests.

Maria Andersen is the learning futurist for The LIFT Institute at Muskegon Community College, as well as a professor of math. She has degrees in biology, chemistry, math, business, and is hoping to defend her Ph.D. in Higher Educational Leadership in March. Andersen's research interests lie in active learning, the study of higher education faculty, interdisciplinary studies, math education, and speculation about the future of education. She writes regularly about education, technology, eLearning, the scholarship of teaching and learning, play, and the future of higher education.

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