Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Five ways to reinvent a stagnant career

Your once-thriving career has hit a roadblock. Well, you're not alone.

But with the right moves, it can be overcome.

ET suggests how.





Look Within

Any reinvention requires reflection.

"The fact that your career is stagnant means you're not doing all that you can do or could have done," says Ronesh Puri, MD of Executive Access.




Create New Flows

It's important to create new inflows and outflows, says Milind Sarwate, group CFO & CHRO, Marico.

Inflows are capabilities that could be leveraged by the organisation.

Outflows are roles that should no longer be played.



Learn to Unlearn

"Many times, the changing environment makes our old strengths irrelevant. However, we keep playing to them. This drains energy, while not creating value for the individual or the organisation," says Sarwate.




Analyse Competition

It's important to know what others are doing right. And judge where you may be going wrong.

"There was a time when my career was completely stagnant. I studied the performers, played to my strengths, did things differently. It took time but I was back in the game," says banking executive S Lahiri.



Get a Mentor

Identify someone experienced and reliable outside the organisation who you can trust.

"It should be someone who can help you focus, discipline you and show you the way," says Puri of Executive Access.

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