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NAACE ICT Mark and ITEM ? Part two

Self Review Framework for the ICT Mark/ITEM

Part two of my review of the NAACE ICT Mark and ITEM looks at the Self-review framework (SRF), which provides a structured method to review your school’s use of ICT and its impact on school improvement. The SRF is free to use and is linked to national standards for ICT and will help you to:

  1. Understand what “good” use of ICT looks like

  2. Benchmark your progress against other schools

  3. Identify your strengths

  4. Create an action plan for improvement

You can sign into the BECTA SRF site at:

The SRF is divided into six elements, which are designed to both support and challenge your school, and you can work through each element at your own pace (* provided courtesy of BECTA).

1. Leadership and management

  • Develop and communicate a shared vision for ICT

  • Plan a sustainable ICT strategy

  • Develop an effective information management strategy

2. Planning

  • Plan for the development of pupils’ ICT capability

  • Plan the use of ICT to support the curriculum and respond to new technologies

  • Ensure pupils’ ICT experiences are progressive, coherent, balanced and consistent

  • Identify and evaluate the impact of ICT on learning and teaching

3. Learning

  • Plan the use of ICT to enhance elearning and teaching

  • Meet pupils’ expectations for the use of ICT

  • Consider the impact of ICT on learning

4. Assessment of ICT capability

  • Assess ICT capability of pupils’ to support their learning

  • Use assessment evidence and data in planning learning and teaching across the whole curriculum

  • Assess the learning in specific subjects when ICT has been used

5. Professional development

  • Identify and address the ICT training needs of your school and individual staff

  • Provide quality support and training activities for all staff in the use of ICT sharing effective practice

  • Review, monitor and evaluate professional development as an integral part of the development of your school

6. Resources

  • Ensure learning and teaching environments use ICT effectively and in line with strategic needs

  • Purchase, deploy and review appropriate ICT resources that reflect your school improvement strategy

  • Manage technical support effectively for the benefit of pupils and staff

Once your school has reached a certain level on the SRF you can then move forward and apply for the ICT Mark/ITEM.

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