Thursday, March 22, 2012

Five ways to stand out during probation

The first few months in a new job - the probation period - are the most critical.

One needs to make an impression on the boss as well as on teammates and colleagues.

ET shows you how you can pull it off.



Honour deadlines

Deliver projects and assignments on time, even if you have to work extra.

Also, try not to take leave, unless it's a necessity.

Try to maintain your enthusiasm throughout.


Create an impression

Strictly follow the office dress code.

"Also, choose your words carefully since it will, along with your attire, say a lot about you and your background," says image consultant Reshmi Jain.



Avoid politics

Be cordial with everyone, and avoid going out with colleagues who are into office politics.

Keep an ear on the grapevine, but as a rule, do not contribute to it.




Understand the culture

"Continue in-depth research on the company after you join. Also, do not pick out shortcomings or make recommendations. Instead, talk to the boss on areas of engagement," says GlobalHunt director Sunil Goel.




Learn to listen

Make a conscious effort to listen, more than to talk. "One can address the new associate by name once or twice to establish a more personal and positive professional relationship," adds Ma Foi Randstad MD & CEO, E Balaji.





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